Love, in the time of leisurely rotation

The early seventies of last century, Hefei Yangtze River Road, although not so busy now, but after all, is the provincial capital, the hotel also still a lot, from time to time will be a mouth-watering aroma. Fang Jian, a serious illness, such as lovers in the companion of Hao Hongmei, bathed in the sunset, hand in hand in front of the hotel pressure the road. Walking, Fang Jianru heartless slipped from the mouth, "really fragrant" word. After listening to Hao Hongmei first heart a hi, followed by an acid. Happiness is that he finally recovered from illness, a strong appetite is rewarded her a good trillion; sour, she and his impoverished, cash-strapped, the hotel door is open only towards the rich, and they can only "smell Taste Xingtan "the. Hao Hongmei loosen the health of the hand, back, eyes filled with tears. She took out a handkerchief secretly wiped, a slip of the hotel and other shops aiming and aiming, Chou and Chou Chou. She suddenly turned around, called Kin as standing do not move, waiting for her, said after leaving health as, he went straight. Jianru cloud fog, I do not know what she in the end to do. His eyes followed her until a replica watches collection shop. Hongmei step into the shop, went to the counter, said he was in urgent need of money, asked the owner to close the old watch, the owner coldly nodded to her. Hongmei smile, immediately untie the strap, the solution under the wrist "precious stones" watch. This piece of "gem flower" is really a treasure of the hearts of the young girls, a wonderful work. Because this table is admitted to her parents at the university from the chopstick tip saved on the eighty dollars, after many twists and turns to trust in Shanghai to buy. Crystal clear replica watches uk, pink and slender arm, is simply icing on the cake, female students jealousy, male students coveted, really a landscape. She has been as indefinitely cherished as life. Hao Hongmei trembling asked: "The value of how much money?" The owner took over, looked at the front negative, close to the ear listened and replied: "forty." Hao Hongmei a bite: "Deal!" Clutching the money back to health as the side, took him into a small aroma around the hotel. Fang Jianru stare surprised, asked why this is? Hao Hongmei Shu Kai-fiber means, showing a ticket, said softly: "give you Bubu." Fang Jian as guilty of confused, suddenly so where's so much money? He looked at her wrist, watch gone! His mouth twitching, snapped blame: "crazy friends, told me to eat Xin Tourou!" Hao Hongmei ignored, headlong into the room, put out a fragrant, steaming steamed old hen. Fang Jianru eyes moist, and in mind to write down this special day: May 8. After the reform and opening up, Fang Jian, such as the opportunity to have ambitious plans, after years of hard work, nearly sixties he finally became a business owner. When the boss on the first year of May 8th, Fang Jian as deliberately to the troubled wife bought a cheap Swiss women's watches, and personally to her worn on the wrist. No matter how Hongmei asked, he said nothing, because he felt, what to say? Any one of the expensive watches also not worth the year in exchange for steamed old hen bird only "gem flower." II Xia Changbo and Wang Xiaolan live in a village, two small guess, love each other, two grades "half a catty eight two." Although have to catch up with the excellent time to restore the college entrance examination system, but the family was poor, are faced with stranded ship crisis. Wang Xiaolan has always been feudal Yinxue, they take the initiative to drop out of school, willing to return to the village to make money, for her boyfriend hesitate to move forward. Xia Longbo finally live up to expectations, carp jumped into the gantry, admitted to the college, after graduating from the county assigned a secondary school teaching. An iron rice bowl, a rice bowl, social gap, they used to bridge feelings, two people love each other, profound feelings. Long wave just go to work, not much salary, coupled with the purchase of daily necessities, make ends meet, Xiaolan is very considerate. One day, Xiaolan went to the county where the summer long wave of schools, because for the first time, several colleagues have come to look at the summer long wave of what the future wife looks like. These colleagues were born in the county, wearing fashion, without exception, are wearing a sparkling watch. Xiaolan Chouzou boyfriend, clothes broken spacious, wrist empty, suddenly, a shabby embarrassing sharp tingling her sinking heart of the feisty. One day after January, Xia Longbo just after class, there is an urgent teacher ran toward him, said Wang Xiaolan fainted in the rolex replica shop, in the hospital emergency room. The news thunderstruck, Xia Changbo toward the hospital. In the Accident and Emergency Department, he saw Wang Xiaolan at a glance. She was sitting on a bamboo chair, holding a glass, drinking a doctor's water. Xiaolan wave can not wait to ask: "Xiaolan, how do you?" The doctor rushed for her replied: "extreme collapse, she refused treatment, not willing to spend money." Wang Xiaolan empty cup back to the doctor, , Did not say a word, took out his pocket a watch, called summer long wave line out of the wrist, quivering to him to wear. Xia Changbo suddenly grabbed her cold hands, the big boy's tears fell on her back ... ... It turned out that Wang Xiaolan back to the village, in addition to her daily work, but also from the morning and early morning to cut down the wood firewood, plan Bajen. In order to sell more than a few pounds of money, she traveled Shiji Li Road, a trip to pick the county to sell. Tired, resting feet; hot, holding a few holding the cold water in the body Sasa. To save money, she could not bear to eat a meal, deflated his stomach and non-stop back to Murakami to work. In this way, more than a month down, she finally saved enough money 30 yuan, bought a "Red Star" watch, and she, in the watch store, but fainted in the counter below. Years later, Xia Changbo and Wang Xiaolan's son developed, the family was too rich drip. Nevertheless, the retirement of the home of Xia Longbo, wrist is still wearing that old "Red Star" table. His son repeatedly advised him to change one, but his broom from Jane, always refused for various reasons. Son feel incredible, Xia Longbo earnestness to tell his son, said: \ This table, you do not know the origin - is my mother and your first love, is your mother with the blood, your son, you do not eat, And Khan in exchange for. "His son listened to the story of the watch, knowing nodded. Now, if talking about watches, may not be a rare thing. However, with a special experience in the hearts of the two pairs of lovers, but it contains and gives a unforgettable affection. These two special watches, recorded more than just time, there are years to erase the affectionate. Love, in the time of leisurely rotation.